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The narrow width of a doorway is a concentrated space of impartiality, neither inside nor outside, neither here nor there. A place for shy hellos, goodbyes, and awkward hugs.

My eyes stopped at the plaque decorating the top of the doorway, shiny metal letters read: “We all agreed that this is a door, so please come in.” The door frame is the only certainty in Found&Lost.

Very little is known, it’s believed that after a long and boisterous path that lasted two years, our thirteen founders could not agree on anything but their profound disagreement. Honouring this discovery, we decided to open Found&Lost, an open space where being lost would always have its place and where we could avoid conclusions.

When visiting Found&Lost you should never expect anything, as you will not find what you’re looking for. The room is in perpetual remodelling since the day it opened. In this process lies its purpose, as change feeds the discussion and keeps Found&Lost alive.

Found&Lost is an open-study project run by Werkplaats Typografie, Year 23 in Athens. On four consecutive Fridays in June, Found&Lost will host a public programme of activities and activations. Please save the dates.

June 9
June 16
June 23
June 30

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The Werkplaats Typografie, part of the ArtEZ University of the Arts, is a two-year graphic design masters programme founded in 1998, centred on self-initiated projects and assignments with meetings, lectures, excursions, seminars and readings geared towards self-accountable and independently motivated work and research.